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Free Services

Use these free services to build trust and comfort before upgrading to a paid service:


Learn about Software DesignDesign PatternsBackendDevOpsProject ManagementProduct ManagementHiring, and Mock Interviews. Or search my channel for a topic that interests you. Multiple founders and engineers told me they watch these videos to make critical decisions. If you have a question regarding a video, leave a comment and I'll reply.


I've created a hiring planner, a prioritization exercise, a software development estimator, a technology picker, and more.


Post on LinkedIn @mentioning me, or tweet at me, and I'll answer your question.

Cloud review

I'll review your cloud set up on Google Cloud or AWS, and give you a prioritized list of changes to make, along with each of their business benefits. You can have your team make these changes, or explore a paid engagement with me to have me take responsibility for implementing the changes. Book.


To sign up, or for any enquiries, please contact me at



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